Southern Cross recaps wildest pet insurance claims of 2020

Southern Cross recaps wildest pet insurance claims of 2020 | Insurance Business New Zealand

Southern Cross recaps wildest pet insurance claims of 2020

Many Kiwis found respite from the stressful year of 2020 with their pets. But sometimes, these pets can become a source of worry due to medical emergencies.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance rounded up the most unusual claims of 2020 – and a lot of them featured dogs that ate things they shouldn’t.

A Jack Russel terrier named Rocky lived up to his name by swallowing a rock. He was taken to the vet due to vomiting and needed exploratory surgery to find out the cause. This led to a claim of $1,616.

Other dogs also ate objects that got stuck in their digestive tracts, requiring surgery to remove. These included sewing pins, grass, a fishhook, and socks. The last one proved to be the most expensive claim for the year, with the poor German Wire-Haired Pointer cross racking up a bill of $15,000.

Meanwhile, three dogs ingested things that could be toxic to them – one ate a dead pufferfish at the beach, another got into the contents of an asthma inhaler, and the last one snacked on several chives from the garden. All three made a full recovery after a vet visit.

While it’s mostly canines that got into trouble, a Bengal cat made sure to represent Team Feline. In two separate incidents, the high-flying kitty leapt out of a window into a palm tree. Both times, it ended up with a spike embedded in its paw, with surgery needed the second time. These led to claims totalling $783.

“These claims are a reminder that our beloved pets can end up in all manner of sticky situations, and to not underestimate how expensive vet bills can be,” said Anthony McPhail, general manager of Southern Cross Pet Insurance. “We hear many unusual stories from our customers about what their animals get up to and they are always grateful to have the peace of mind if their pets need medical treatment.”