State Insurance reveals most mistake-prone days of the week

Be careful when parking at the supermarket on Tuesdays

State Insurance reveals most mistake-prone days of the week

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By Gabriel Olano

Many insurance claims are results of mistakes and mishaps, which leads to insurers having a huge pool of data from which several interesting (and strangely specific) insights can be obtained.

State Insurance did just that with “The Mistake Report”, which analysed 12 months of data from roughly 90,000 car, home and contents insurance claims. Many times, Kiwis were too busy, distracted or preoccupied with other tasks, leading to slip-ups.

According to State the mistakes busy Kiwis are most likely to make on a particular day of the week are:

  • Mondays – flood the home
  • Tuesdays – damage their car in a supermarket car park
  • Wednesdays – lose or damage their car’s wing mirror
  • Thursdays – end up frying electronics
  • Fridays – have a car reversing accident
  • Saturdays – lose or break their eyeglasses
  • Sundays – forget something (such as forgetting to apply the car hand brake)

According to State marketing manager Gabrielle Markwick-Brown, the study highlights in a relatable and humorous way the various minor mistakes Kiwis make, which could make them less likely to commit them.

“Every week at State we process around 1,800 claims across our home, contents and motor vehicle policies – and while we are always happy to help our customers get back on their feet – we know that from our customers’ perspective, preventing mistakes from happening in the first place is always better than fixing them,” she said.

Alongside “The Mistake Report”, State also launched an e-book that looks at the possible reasons why Kiwis make mistakes and how best to avoid them. More than once, Kiwis’ “busyness” has been cited as a factor in their mistakes. 

“Being so busy all the time demands a lot of mental bandwidth, which can leave us more vulnerable to making silly mistakes – like leaving the taps running or forgetting to apply the handbrake,” Markwick-Brown said. “Our campaign aims to increase awareness of these common mistakes, and the peace of mind insurance can offer.”

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