Suncorp NZ signs Climate Leaders 2019 Statement

Suncorp NZ signs Climate Leaders 2019 Statement | Insurance Business New Zealand

Suncorp NZ signs Climate Leaders 2019 Statement

Suncorp New Zealand has signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition 2019 Statement, as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

The statement, where members pledge to reduce emissions and educate employees, suppliers, customers and the public on climate change, was launched in July 2019 by the Climate Leaders Coalition.

By signing up to the statement, Suncorp commits to measuring and reporting its carbon footprint, as well as assessing and disclosing climate change risks. The company will also work with employees and suppliers to reduce its emissions and adopt targets to deliver substantial emissions reductions, with the goal of helping New Zealand become carbon neutral by 2050.

According to Suncorp New Zealand, it is one of 28 coalition members so far to transition to the new pledge.

“Climate change is having a marked impact on our customers and our business, and it’s critical that New Zealand businesses work together to provide leadership and direction on the issue of climate change,” said Jimmy Higgins, Suncorp New Zealand CEO.

“Suncorp New Zealand has committed to reducing our own emissions and we are now actively trialling programmes with suppliers to support them to do the same.”

The company said it is meeting its emission reduction targets and is continuing to implement activities to ensure these reductions are sustained, as well as investigating the emergence of climate-related risks on different emission concentration pathways. It has also begun trials with suppliers to support them on assessing and reducing their own carbon footprint.