US state commissioner looking at suing the NRA

US state commissioner looking at suing the NRA | Insurance Business

US state commissioner looking at suing the NRA

Washington’s insurance commissioner is mulling a lawsuit against the NRA over the gun lobby’s “Carry Guard” program, which he claims is potentially misleading insurance policy in his state.

“I am extremely concerned that the NRA continues to promote what appears to be a misleading product that may not provide consumers the protection it promises,” Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said in a statement. “Consumers deserve to understand what they’re buying. If they’re being misled, I will take immediate action to protect them.”

This follows an alert issued by New York Department of Financial Services to states’ insurance commissioners. The state office found that the Carry Guard program unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing.

Last April, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed the department to urge insurers and bankers in New York to determine whether any relationship they may have with the NRA or similar organisations sends the “wrong” message to their clients and their communities who often look to them for guidance and support.

Last April, Kreidler ordered the NRA to stop selling in the state four Carry Guard liability insurance products that were offered on the NRA’s website. According to Kriedler, the lobby group solicited the policies without an insurance producer license, a violation of state law. He said he would not hesitate to propose legislation to bolster protection for consumers, which would include a ban on the type of liability insurance the NRA is currently soliciting.