Vero celebrates 100th anniversary in New Zealand

Vero celebrates 100th anniversary in New Zealand | Insurance Business New Zealand

Vero celebrates 100th anniversary in New Zealand

Vero Insurance has celebrated the 100th year it has been incorporated in New Zealand.

Since entering New Zealand, Vero has changed significantly, built on its rich whakapapa, and helped millions of Kiwi households and businesses through difficult times.

“Insurance is a sector that has seen immense change, especially in the past three years as COVID impacted the way we work and live. Our challenge now is to continue to adapt, offering products and services that are relevant today, including innovative insurance products that help the most vulnerable members of our communities,” Vero CEO Jimmy Higgins said.

Vero helps customers in Auckland

As part of celebrating its 100th anniversary, Vero used its resources to support customers impacted by the Auckland weather event.

In the wake of the Auckland anniversary weather event, Vero helped individuals, businesses, and communities get back on their feet.

“We're scaling up to support customers through the clean-up and recovery phase of this event. It's hard right now for many of our customers, and we know that recovery is going to take time. But this is exactly what we're here for – this is the role of insurance, to be there in the moments that matter,” Higgins said. “Acknowledging Vero's 100 years of insurance in NZ is appropriate right now. There's never a better time to pay tribute to all the people that have contributed to the strength of the business throughout its history and the experience they brought to support the current leaders of Vero Insurance.”

In a previous interview, Nick Meister, Vero's recently appointed executive manager for business, encouraged businesses affected by flooding in Auckland to prioritise safety and take a pragmatic approach to the clean-up.

Vero is holding off on any 100-year celebrations in the near term, but it will acknowledge the milestone later in 2023.