Workshops to guide Kiwis on quake-prone buildings management

Workshops to guide Kiwis on quake-prone buildings management | Insurance Business

Workshops to guide Kiwis on quake-prone buildings management

Timaru District Council is set to host three Earthquake Prone Buildings (EPB) workshops next month.

The district is moving on to the notification phase in managing earthquake-prone buildings. The upcoming workshops aim to help ensure building owners are up to speed with the notification process. They will explain how the process will work and building owners’ responsibilities going forward, Timaru District Council building control manager Jayson Ellis said.

“Following on from our initial workshop last year, this time we are focusing on the process in writing to building owners who have potential EPB adjacent to strategic routes or thoroughfares,” he said. “The letter will advise them that they have a year to obtain an initial seismic assessment report that will identify the building’s seismic strength as a percentage of the New Building Standard.

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Ellis noted the workshops offer a good opportunity to gain insight into the process and an outline of the next phase. There will be an update about Heritage EQUIP, a government-funded grant system to share costs of both investigation and strengthening work. A structural engineer, who has designed strengthening projects, will also be at some of the workshops to explain the technical processes, he added.

The workshops are open to the public and will be held on June 13, 18 and 20 at various locations in Timaru.