‘World-first’ meth detection alarm developed

Device aims to reduce burden and cost on insurers on meth testing

‘World-first’ meth detection alarm developed

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By Krizzel Canlas

A New Zealand company has developed and patented a device that can detect the airborne chemicals contained in methamphetamine.

Said to be a world-first, the P-Alert meth alarm is about the size of a TV remote control that can be placed anywhere inside the house. It offers to detect all levels of meth chemicals in an enclosed area, whether from manufacture or smoking. It has been assessed by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) and Telarc.

The idea is that, when it detects chemicals, the P-Alert Alarm immediately activates a silent alarm and sends information about the location and the level of contamination to a designated mobile number. If the level is high – above a certain level – authorities will be informed. If contamination is low to medium, a report will be sent to the owners and/or managers of the property.

Meth is a “major problem for landlords, with many insurance policies placing an obligation on them to be proactive about checking for meth contamination during and between tenancies, which can be difficult,” P-Alert Alarm business development manager Florence Lim said.

“[M]eth users often don’t match a predictable stereotype,” he added. “In order for us to make a difference, we chose to tackle the problem from its source, by discouraging people from smoking methamphetamine and by consequence reducing the damage this drug is inflicting on our society.”

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