AFCA responds to COVID-19 outbreak

AFCA responds to COVID-19 outbreak | Insurance Business Australia

AFCA responds to COVID-19 outbreak

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) is offering support and information to Australians who were financially impacted by the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

AFCA said it has received a small number of complaints about the denial of travel insurance claims that relate to COVID-19 and urged other impacted consumers to seek help from AFCA – but not before directly contacting their insurer first.

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“If you find yourself in a dispute with your insurer or financial provider about your claim or request for assistance, AFCA can help to resolve it,” the EDR body said. “AFCA’s role is to help you to reach an agreement with your financial firm. We are impartial and independent, and we can award compensation for loss you have suffered because of a financial firm’s actions.  Our decisions are legally binding.”

More information and frequently asked questions about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is available on the AFCA website.