AILA announces rebrand

AILA announces rebrand | Insurance Business Australia

AILA announces rebrand

The Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA) – a national organisation initially established to promote, review, develop, and debate insurance issues – has rebranded to clear any misconceptions about its purpose.

AILA president Cameron Roberts said the respondents of a 2019 survey of current, lapsed, and non-members identified an erroneous perception that AILA was an organisation only for insurance lawyers. The same thing happened at the 2022 Steadfast Convention when Roberts encountered industry professionals who thought the organisation was exclusively for insurance lawyers.

Therefore, the rebranding aims to emphasise that AILA is an association for everyone involved in the insurance industry, not only lawyers.

“We’re an association for everyone,” Roberts said. “Unlike organisations devoted to specific demographics within insurance, AILA embraces broader representation.”

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As part of its rebranding strategy, AILA will illustrate that it is a modern, collegial organisation dedicated to education for everyone in the Australian insurance industry, regardless of whether they are direct participants (i.e., brokers, underwriters, claims managers, reinsurers, and loss adjusters) or services providers, such as lawyers.

“AILA’s key focus is insurance education ­– and insurance law [that] impacts everything related to insurance, including regulation, claims management, underwriting, and risk analysis. We also focus on soft skills, like the mentoring program and presentations on marketing your personal brand,” said Roberts.

The national organisation commissioned Brisbane-based Mino Design & Digital to develop a new logo, with navy being the predominant colour and the logo emphasising the word “insurance” more than “law.” Additionally, a series of subject-oriented sub-logos reflect specific areas of the organisation’s work, for example, [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

“As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the time is right for AILA to embark on its goal of becoming a key industry player. This refreshed design epitomises what we are as an association and who we represent,” said AILA board director Luke Taylor, responsible for the marketing and promotional portfolio.  

Roberts added that AILA will introduce more member benefits as it positions itself as an industry-leading body for the insurance industry.