McLardy McShane CEO: "We just like to see businesses survive"

McLardy McShane CEO: "We just like to see businesses survive" | Insurance Business Australia

McLardy McShane CEO: "We just like to see businesses survive"

“I think everyone’s underestimating the impact that this is having on small businesses.”

Referring to the coronavirus crisis, that was the assertion made by McLardy McShane chief executive Don McLardy (pictured) when the broking boss spoke to Insurance Business about the firm’s ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ campaign with 3AW.

The initiative – which took its name from McLardy McShane’s company slogan – enabled a total of 20 businesses (out of 200 entrants) in Victoria to run their respective 30-second advertisements on the 3AW Breakfast show hosted by Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft, courtesy of the business insurance brokerage.

McLardy, who is a friend of Howcroft’s, said the concept came to life mainly out of concern for the smaller organisations that were being hit hard, especially during the severe lockdown in Melbourne.

The radio sponsorship, he said, was more about just trying to get a lot of people’s support, in an effort to drive listeners to do something constructive aimed at helping a small business in Victoria that’s in trouble.

The CEO told Insurance Business: “The particular issue we’re addressing is that most of Australia’s businesses, as you’d be aware, are under extreme pressure, and small businesses in particular, because of COVID. There’s heaps of businesses shutting down; a lot of them are on lifelines at the moment from the government, which are not going to last.

“So the issue is to try and get people to support businesses through this period where they may not normally do so and try and make sure they survive once we come out of COVID.”           

“We just like to see businesses survive,” stressed McLardy, who noted that, unlike big businesses, their smaller counterparts normally don’t have reserves they can fall back on. “They can go to the wall very quickly,” he said, recognising the importance of daily income to these small operations – and, thus, how crucial it is to get support their way.   

Those who were backed by McLardy McShane through the campaign were: Timeless Groceries, Lotus Filters, The Little Bookroom, Awnet, Sally – The Sleep Concierge, Hop Hen Brewing, Dance586 Camberwell, Huey’s Bakehouse, Coco’s Tours, Treasures From The Past, Two Pounds, Kreas Souvlaki Bar, Sunbury Florist, Studio 55 Fitness, The Yarra Valley Smokery, Bodgo’s, The Print Shop Sportswear, JimmyRum, Radio Luna Portsea, and BJ’s Meats Ringwood.