RACQ reveals shocking new statistics

RACQ reveals shocking new statistics | Insurance Business

RACQ reveals shocking new statistics

New RACQ statistics have revealed that a massive 40% of Queensland teens have admitted to having been a passenger in a car with a drunk driver – a worrying issue more prevalent in regional areas.

The data was part of the club’s docudrama road-safety education program.

“Half of teens living in regional areas told us they’ve been in a car when the driver was over the legal alcohol limit,” said Lucinda Ross, RACQ spokesperson. “We know public transport or rideshare options mightn’t be as prevalent in country areas as they are in the city, but getting into the car with a drunk driver is never your only option to get home.”

The situation sadly isn’t much better in metro areas, where 35% of teens admitted to riding with a drunk driver, findings showed.

Ross said the statistics should serve as a wake-up for parents to educate their kids about how to get home safely.

“Talk to your children about trusting their gut when it’s telling them something’s wrong,” Ross said. “It’s so important they say or do something to remove themselves from a dangerous situation – even if it’s pretending to be sick so the driver stops the car – because it’s simply not worth dying to avoid embarrassment. Parents also have a responsibility – if your child is at a party and you may have to pick them up, make sure you plan ahead and ensure you’re not over the legal alcohol limit yourself.”