Fraudsters pose as NIBA chief Dallas Booth

Fraudsters pose as NIBA chief Dallas Booth | Insurance Business Australia

Fraudsters pose as NIBA chief Dallas Booth

“The message did not come from me.”

That was the clarification made by National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) chief executive Dallas Booth after it came to light that “a large number of people” received a fake email suggesting that the NIBA boss needed assistance ASAP.

In a statement, Booth said: “I am delighted and extremely grateful that so many made contact so quickly to see what the problem was… I am fine, and I do not need urgent help – I am grateful for that, too.”

The CEO said the message came from an unknown email address, with his name inserted as the purported sender.

“I am not sure what the ultimate intention was – infiltration of computer systems or fraud or some other crazy outcome,” added Booth, who recommended having computer systems independently tested to ensure that they are safe and secure.

He went on to state: “It is also crucial that everyone using a computer is fully trained to look out for fraudulent messages, and knows how to deal with them. And needless to say, a good cyber insurance programme is also a must.”