Hollard Insurance shifts processes from on-premises to cloud

Hollard Insurance shifts processes from on-premises to cloud | Insurance Business Australia

Hollard Insurance shifts processes from on-premises to cloud

Hollard Insurance (Hollard) has improved its core policy, billing, and rating systems by shifting from on-premises to cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) with the help of global technology solutions provider Duck Creek Technologies (DCT or Duck Creek).

DCT's tech solution, called “Duck Creek OnDemand,” will enable Hollard to work with its other tech ecosystem partners using low-code tools and established integrations to develop and quickly bring to the market innovative products that adapt to ever-changing policyholder needs.

Hollard expects Duck Creek OnDemand's cloud-based deployment to ensure that its technology is evergreen, scalable, and cost-efficient to help its internal teams focus on driving value for the business.

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“As an insurer that prides itself in partnerships – our business model is based on partnering with some of Australia's leading brands – selecting a partner that shares our DNA along with providing technology that could enable our vision was key in our decision-making process,” said Jamie Smith, chief information officer at Hollard.

“Aligned to our partnership philosophy, our own brand has limited visibility in the market, and we stand behind and support our partner's brands and their value proposition. This meant we needed back-end systems that could provide common and core features where scale or standard processes were required, with the flexibility to differentiate where necessary.”

Aside from meeting Hollard's tech requirements, Duck Creek integrated the insurer's existing and new ecosystem partners with strong customer service values and deep expertise.

“From the get-go, Hollard expressed a desire to simplify its business and increase agility to be flexible in light of partner and market demands,” said Shaji Sethu, Asia-Pacific managing director at Duck Creek.  “Duck Creek's true SaaS solution will assist Hollard in its technology-led business transformation, through Duck Creek's evergreen, agile, and intelligent platform.”