"We're the only platform that can service any claim scenario"

"We're the only platform that can service any claim scenario" | Insurance Business


Last month, insurtech provider ENData announced it had been selected as a partner to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), to digitise its claim assessing and fulfillment process across its home and contents portfolio.

When processing insurance claims, RACQ will use ENData’s “interactive and intuitive” digital claims platform to connect external assessment and repairer data with its insurance claims team, therefore keeping claims staff and members better-informed along the way.

For Bryn McKay (pictured), chief operating officer of ENData, the partnership has enabled RACQ to place power back into the hands of clients when making claims.

“The main thing for RACQ is visibility and an improved experience for their policyholder. They can now see exactly what’s happening in the claim… They can now be proactive instead of reactive,” he said.

“Across the industry, when someone wants a service done on a claim, usually they send an email off and they have to depend on that supplier to give them updates… Whereas our system brings the supplier service directly back to the clients. It also allows suppliers to work together to create an ecosystem for the restorer to chat with the loss adjustor.”

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The platform, according to McKay, also enables the builder and the restorer to collaborate on the claim to assess and repair the member’s home together, as opposed to operating in independent silos where communication is limited.

“You’ve got seven people out there that are effectively doing the same thing in trying to service your member to help them recover from their claim, but they’re all doing different things at a different time with no coordinated effort,” McKay explained.

“When you do it all out of the same platform and system, it drives the coordination and collaboration… On top of that, you’ve got RACQ maintaining visibility and control over the claim but also capturing data to give that to the member and track the experience and track the performance of each supplier so they can effectively manage their supply chain now as well.”

For RACQ, it brings convenience and efficiency with a technology platform that can manage the whole assessing solution across the home and contents portfolio.

“They can manage their internal assessors and internal resources, but also manage their external suppliers - being their builders, restorers, contract suppliers and external loss adjustors in one place,” he continued.

“This system drives the supplier based on pre-set KPIs to remind them of a claim. It’s all automatic and it all happens without RACQ having to have to manually follow up or wait for that phone call from the member to enquire about the claim.”

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However, McKay says the platform’s greatest competitive advantage over other similar products in the market is its “agility and flexibility.”

“Because we’re an independent software provider, each one of our clients run a different claims model through our business… We’re an all-encompassing platform; there is not one type of claim that can’t go through, whereas other systems by our competitors are limited in the way that they might just be able to handle a direct builder claim or a loss adjusting claim,” he said.

“We have over 400 building and construction firms in the system, we have all of the main loss adjusting companies in the system, we have over 50 contents providers in the system… we’re the only platform out there that can service any claim scenario.”