Autosure launches refreshed branding

This is the first “major update” for the established company since the mid-90s

Autosure launches refreshed branding

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By Ksenia Stepanova

New Zealand automotive insurer Autosure has recharged its brand with a new logo - the first “major update” for the company since the mid-1990s, according to general manager James Searle.

Searle said the new logo “aligns with future plans for Autosure’s business strategy,” and will lead the company into its next stage. He noted that Autosure has also been investing significantly into digital tools for its intermediaries, and said he hoped the refreshed branding would “give current and future customers a sense of confidence and optimism.”

“Our research revealed that while Autosure has high brand awareness and loyalty, the look and feel of the logo was becoming dated,” Searle said.

“We wanted to boost visibility of our brand and make our collateral a desirable product that agents were proud to show off.”

“While the old logo had served us well for many years, moving to our new logo reflects our future pathway of building quality and enhancing our customer proposition through investing in digital initiatives,” he said.

“We are incredibly proud to launch it, and this is the first major update to the brand since the mid-1990s, and only the third in the history of the company.”

Searle noted that while the last 18 months had been challenging for both customers and insurers, Autosure’s established presence in the market had allowed it to support everyone within its network through a difficult period.

He said the focus going forward would now be on further digital investment, and making sure that its systems were set up to help intermediaries be compliant.

“We really wanted to support our agents with more digital tools to help them be more confident in quoting and binding insurance in a useful and compliant way,” Searle said. “We’re doing more linking with systems and databases so that they don’t have to type in as much information, and we’re enabling them to connect to us in a variety of ways.”

“We’ve also been working with customers to give them support through the lockdown periods, and afterwards,” he said.

“We’ve been supporting them where we can through hardship, or just through some extra leniency in their interactions with us. We have the scale and the network, and, going forward, we’re going to be looking at more digital innovation, supporting our agents, and really lifting the compliance side too.”

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