Beam emphasises insurance policy in e-scooter trial report

Beam emphasises insurance policy in e-scooter trial report | Insurance Business New Zealand

Beam emphasises insurance policy in e-scooter trial report

Beam Mobility has compared e-scooter trials in Australia and New Zealand – and it claims to have one major differentiators from other e-scooter firms.

The e-scooter company claims to be the only operator in ANZ to provide a group personal accident policy to cover its eligible e-scooter riders. Beam describes this as: “a market-leading innovation for the e-scooter sharing industry which reinforces Beam’s reputation as a responsible and sustainable operator.”

Beam worked closely with insurers Allianz and Marsh to structure the policy so it could properly provide coverage for its riders in relation to any injuries suffered, loss of income caused by accidents, rehabilitation costs, funeral and accidental death compensation, and even out-of-pocket expenses.

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Brad Kitschke, head of public affairs at Beam, emphasised that safety is the most important focus of e-scooter trials.

 “A pathway towards a safe e-scooter trial is possible as long as road safety is the focus. Beam encourages the governments to review the outcomes, rules and operating models of providers from other e-scooter trials across Australia and New Zealand when developing these pathways,” Kitschke said.

“Trials can be conducted safely, preserving public amenity and ensuring that e-scooter riders as well as motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and users of other personal mobility devices are all safe.”