Lime trials new in-app safety feature

Lime trials new in-app safety feature | Insurance Business

Lime trials new in-app safety feature

New Zealanders using Lime will now have to confirm they are capable of controlling the scooters before they can take late night trips.

Global e-scooter Lime has added an in-app message for would-be riders to reduce the number of users riding under the influence, Stuff reported. Lime said the self-regulation measure is a prequel to further drunk rider detection and other improvements being developed to make the scooters safer to ride.

The idea is that a message pops up warning that drinking and riding is dangerous and illegal. It will ask users, who are trying to rent a Lime after 10 pm, whether they are safe to ride and require the word “yes” to be typed in before the scooter will unlock.

Lime NZ public affairs manager Lauren Mentjox told the publication the in-app message was being trialled in a few select countries, including New Zealand. He noted cases of riders scooting the influence, which he said was a breach of Lime's terms and conditions.

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Stuff reported the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) was unable to provide figures on drunk scootering. This is because ACC is a no-fault scheme, meaning people were not required to provide details like whether they were intoxicated, an ACC spokesman said.

As of March 06, ACC had seen 1,486 e-scooter incidents, and paid-out $739,184 for all e-scooter relates injuries since Lime’s mid-October launch in New Zealand.