Cigna assembles senior leadership team – report

Cigna assembles senior leadership team – report | Insurance Business

Cigna assembles senior leadership team – report

ANZ’s OnePath Life team of experts will become part of Cigna following the recently completed acquisition, it has been suggested.

Senior OnePath leaders Jax Mitchell, Debbie Eyre and Michael Bartram will be joining Cigna’s senior leadership team, according to Good Returns.

“We had a great first week and everyone has come together really well. It is a very exciting time for us,” Cigna chief executive Gail Costa told the publication. “We’re focused on providing strong leadership through this change.

“This is an opportunity to build on the quality service we already deliver, and to create a workplace where our people can flourish,” she said.

In a previous exclusive interview with Cigna, Costa told Insurance Business the newly-merged company will have an increased focus on utilising its independent adviser channel brought in by OnePath.

“We’re going to have diversified distribution, which is going to be a key part of our strategy for the coming year,” Costa added. “OnePath has both independent and in-house advisers and we’ll have access to those two channels, which is pretty exciting.”