Cove recognised as LGBT-friendly organisation

Cove recognised as LGBT-friendly organisation | Insurance Business

Cove recognised as LGBT-friendly organisation

Cove has received the Rainbow Tick designation, certifying the Auckland-based insurance start-up is a welcoming and inclusive place for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

According to Cove CEO Andy Coon, it was important that the firm receive the Rainbow Tick early in its existence, to ensure Cove was inclusive to the LGBTQI+ community in a proactive manner.

“Every single person is deserving of respect and a feeling of safety and wellbeing in the workplace, regardless of sexual orientation or gender,” he said.

“This endorsement is more than just a tick box. We want to support all members of our society and working with Rainbow Tick is a sign of our ongoing commitment to openly discuss how we can better serve the LGBTQI+ community.”

In a statement, Cove said that it is looking into how gender and identity is incorporated into the buying process, and whether such questions can be removed or altered to be more inclusive.

The Rainbow Tick programme evaluates companies’ LGBTQI+ inclusion in five core areas, including company policy, staff training, external engagement and monitoring.  It provides evidence-based recommendations for change, along with resources and support for their implementation, then awards the Rainbow Tick endorsement once all the benchmarks have been met.

Other major companies certified with the Rainbow Tick include ASB, AUT, Coca-Cola, and New Zealand Rugby.