Lessons learned as family without insurance rebuilds life

Lessons learned as family without insurance rebuilds life | Insurance Business New Zealand

Lessons learned as family without insurance rebuilds life

A Southland family of six are trying to rebuild their lives after losing their home and valuables to a fire – a story that insurers could share to their prospective clients who are still having second thoughts about buying contents insurance.

According to Stuff.co.nz, the Golds, who live on a farm near Winton, barely escaped their burning house in the early hours of August 02 – bringing nothing but the pyjamas they were wearing.

Nathan Gold, an assistant manager at the farm, said they woke up to smoke at about 1:30am.

“By the time I woke up, and hit the wall and fell over, as you do, and ran down the hall, not knowing what to expect, they were all out except for the youngest who was sitting on the bed,” Gold told Stuff.co.nz.

The house was severely damaged while all the family’s possessions were completely obliterated – leaving the Golds with nothing as they don’t have any insurance.

Shaun Portegys, the owner of the farm and farmhouse that burned down, put the family up in a motel for four nights before moving them into another worker’s house on the property that had become vacant.

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Gold said they’re coping well, thanks to the generous support of their community.

People tried to help them start over by donating clothing, linen, beds, furniture, and small appliances. Some also gave them vouchers, while their relatives started a Givealittle appeal to help them financially.

Meanwhile, Portegys was well insured – making it easier for him to build a four-bedroom brick and tile house as a replacement for the destroyed farmhouse. He plans to let his workers move into the property before next winter.

He also emphasised the importance of contents insurance, saying that it’s “heartbreaking” that the possessions were not insured – so he would urge his employees to take out contents insurance in the future.