Southern Cross launches AI-powered digital assistant

Southern Cross launches AI-powered digital assistant | Insurance Business

Southern Cross launches AI-powered digital assistant

Southern Cross Health Society has launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital assistant to help Kiwis make the best decisions when it comes to their health insurance.

Aimee, operated by UneeQ’s Intelligent Digital Human Platform, has joined the organisation’s team as a virtual crew member to help Kiwis find information about health insurance.

Nick Astwick, chief executive officer of Southern Cross Health Society, said the digital assistant is another way in which they are future proofing their purpose to help Kiwis live their healthiest lives.

“Aimee will play a pivotal role in helping us to be there for our members 24/7, and deliver more value to them right when they need it,” Astwick said. “Other industries in New Zealand like banking and retail have been working with digital humans but the way a consumer seeks and values information about products in those sectors is vastly different.”

“We understand that when it comes to health insurance, people can feel quite vulnerable and emotions come into play. People often need reassurance they are making the right choices for themselves and their families and we’ve designed Aimee with this in mind. Like all of our customer contact team, Aimee is empathetic, warm, natural and trustworthy.”

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Aimee will focus on answering common questions and concerns – including the value of health insurance, how the health system works, and information about insurance-specific terms.

In the long term, the insurer expects the virtual assistant to learn from conversations and better understand people’s needs to provide support and guidance in response to more in-depth questions.

“We set out to create a digital human that was purposefully distinctive to Southern Cross. When it came down to what qualities resonated the most and what our people wanted, we landed on an appearance that we believe reflects New Zealand today. We have had anecdotal feedback that Aimee looks like someone they know and we believe that familiarity will help build trust,” Astwick concluded.