Suncorp donates two written-off caravans to training provider

Suncorp donates two written-off caravans to training provider | Insurance Business New Zealand

Suncorp donates two written-off caravans to training provider

Suncorp, in partnership with caravan and RV specialist CIL and Caravanning Queensland, will support the training and development of the state’s future repairers and assessors, by donating two written-off caravans to TAFE Queensland.

Suncorp noted that despite having the most caravans in the nation, with more than 130,000 vehicles, Queensland didn’t have a dedicated training course for caravan repairers and assessors until now. TAFE and Caravanning Queensland recently launched two new courses, providing specialised training for the first time.

The donated caravans will be used to provide hands-on experience to students as they work toward their certificate in service, maintenance, and manufacturing, and is expected to have a positive flow-on effect on customers in the longer term, allowing them to be more confident about the quality of the repairs on their vehicles.

“We’re proud to support TAFE Queensland to implement the new caravan-specific qualifications,” said Sarah Davies, national manager at CIL. “At CIL, our mission is to ensure our customers get the most out of their caravan travelling experience. We support our customers with information on everything from product reviews to destinations and events across Australia, along with useful safety and travelling tips. Our support for TAFE Queensland is an extension of this. By helping establish a robust caravan repair industry, we can ensure the safety of all caravan users while increasing the knowledge base and technical expertise of tomorrows repairers.”