Asteron Life underscores mental health commitment with management program

"This is where we can help make a difference for our customers"

Asteron Life underscores mental health commitment with management program

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By Kenneth Araullo

Asteron Life is highlighting its commitment to eligible customers in addressing their mental health needs through the Mental Health Disability Management Program.

Mental health stands as the third most prevalent cause for disability claims, trailing accidents, and cancer. This specialised program is designed to provide support for customers lodging claims related to their mental health. Established in collaboration with Teladoc Health, the insurer has been offering this service since 2020.

Since its inception, the service has garnered 31 referrals (as of September 5, 2023), aiding customers in obtaining appropriate mental health care tailored to their unique needs. In certain cases, individuals have successfully reintegrated into the workforce through this support.

Teladoc Health also reported that approximately 60% of customers receive a more informed diagnosis than what was initially provided to them, and 80% of customers have had their treatment plans adjusted after utilizing the service.

The Mental Health Disability Management Program also focuses on reclaiming and sustaining overall wellness. The service is customised to the claimant’s specific circumstances, delivering outcome-focused therapy.

“We recognise that getting access to mental health care can be difficult and many people struggle to reach out for help. We want to enable our customers to get the support they need, when they need it, irrespective of where they are located,” Asteron Life claims and customer solutions executive manager Seema Bangera (pictured above) said.

Bangera also emphasised that mental health challenges can often accompany other reasons for claims. Providing solutions that genuinely make a difference to customers is of paramount importance.

The program strives to connect eligible customers with a professional within seven to 10 days from referral. Throughout the entire process, customers receive continuous support from their Asteron Life case manager and a mental health nurse from Teladoc Health.

“This is where we can help make a difference for our customers,” Bangera said.

A few weeks ago, the life insurer also celebrated a big win for its claims team after it received an award for the team of the year category at the 2023 Financial Services Council (FSC) Awards.

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