Cigna commits to improving health, wellbeing of young Kiwis

Cigna commits to improving health, wellbeing of young Kiwis | Insurance Business New Zealand

Cigna commits to improving health, wellbeing of young Kiwis

Insurance company Cigna New Zealand has launched a campaign supporting the mental health of young children.

In partnership with Life Education, Cigna is supporting the Small Changes Whānau Challenge, a new take-home resource that aims to encourage families to engage and spend more time together. The idea is that children will be taught about the importance of feeling good about who they are, about feeling healthy and about feeling happy – all vital parts of wellbeing.

According to Cigna, children and young people in New Zealand face an increasing number of issues that can seriously impact their wellbeing. Meanwhile, a survey by Life Education suggests six out of 10 children aged nine to 12 reported they have been bullied, while one in five said they were “really sad or stressed about things” most of the time.

“A promising insight from our survey was that the vast majority of the children said they love spending time with their family,” Life Education chief executive John O’Connell said. “Research tells us that young people who report caring and supportive family relationships are happier, healthier and get on better in life.

“That’s why we have joined forces with Cigna to develop the Small Changes Whānau Challenge,” he said.

Moreover, Cigna’s 360 Well-Being Survey highlights parents’ concerns that the stresses of modern-day life are impacting the amount of time they have to spend with their families.

“Over the last three years, we have seen a trend where parents say they don’t feel they spend enough time with their family,” Cigna NZ chief marketing officer Vince Warnock said. “By providing fun and easy activities, we hope that Small Changes will encourage families to take just 15 to 30 minutes together each day over next three weeks.”

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Life Education’s educators will visit more than 150 schools across the country throughout term two, and distribute 17,000 activity packs to encourage families to visit the interactive Small Changes website The website includes a range of easy-to-do activities, while the pack includes a planner and spinner to help families choose and schedule an activity each day.

“As an added incentive to get involved, those who take part and register online at to go into draw to win a $2,500 family travel voucher! This would certainly help a family spend more time together,” Warnock added.