Woman advised to drop complaint against adviser

Adviser accused of focusing more on increasing income than providing the best insurance

Woman advised to drop complaint against adviser

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By Roxanne Libatique

A woman filed a complaint to Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) after her insurer rejected her trauma claim for failure to disclose vital information – but has since been advised to drop that complaint.

According to GoodReturns, the customer and her husband wanted to take out insurance, so they met with an insurance adviser at home to review the product. The woman said she was distracted during the meeting as she was taking care of the children and did not sign some of the initial documents.

During her application, the woman claimed she forgot to disclose her minor heart condition and heart palpitations despite receiving the adviser’s email requesting a copy of the couple’s medical records and warning about the risks of non-disclosure.

The woman eventually filed a trauma claim after experiencing heart-related complications during childbirth. However, the insurer refused to pay out and cancelled her cover upon discovering her medical history.

The woman filed a complaint, claiming that the adviser focused more on increasing income than providing her with the best insurance. However, the adviser insisted that he was not responsible for the non-disclosure.

The FSCL said the process could have been better but advised the customer to drop the complaint.

“The adviser said [the woman] was absent from some of the discussions, but he could have checked with her individually. We’re also concerned that [she] did not sign some of the initial documents,” FSCL told GoodReturns.

“However, [she] completed the application form and received the email containing comprehensive information about the risks associated with changing insurance and the request to submit her medical records. While [she] may not have been fully engaged with the process, she was not railroaded into the changes.”

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