ACC issues warning on email phishing scam

ACC issues warning on email phishing scam | Insurance Business New Zealand

ACC issues warning on email phishing scam

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has warned that cyber attackers have been using legitimate ACC or government email addresses to try to trick recipients into clicking a link that could potentially compromise their email accounts.

The email urges the recipient to migrate to a new version of Microsoft Outlook to access different features such as email and calendar flexibility, quota size increases, connecting mobile numbers to email for voicemail, and access to payslips and new staff directories.

“All staff/Outlook users are expected to complete this process within 24 hours to avoid delay in mail delivery and also to enjoy the new Outlook features. On behalf of IT Support. This is a group email account, and it is monitored 24/7. Please do not ignore this notification because it’s very compulsory,” the email said.

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ACC has not yet revealed how the emails were sent using a legitimate ACC email address or how many people received them. However, it advised its clients and staff to avoid clicking any links or attachments if they have received an email like the one sent recently.

“As soon as we became aware of the emails, we took action to stop more of them being sent. We’re confident no personal information was accessed, including contents of sent and received emails. Members of the public can contact Cert NZ to report a cybersecurity problem,” ACC said on its website.