Top Environmental Brokers in the UK

5-Star Environmental

As environmental challenges intensify, these outstanding brokers have highlighted the value of insurance in managing their clients’ environmental risks.

Environmental  Insurance  has become  increasingly  critical as a growing number of organisations take stock of their environmental impact and protect their operations from risks posed by accidents and natural disasters.


IBUK’s conversation with six pioneers in the  country’s environmental insurance sector provides a closer look into the nature of this profession.


Among these experts are an environmental practice leader with a background in arboriculture and waste management engineering, an environmental engineering specialist with an entrepreneurial spirit, an environmental liability insurance specialist focusing on complex environmental risks, an environmental liability and casualty insurance specialist concentrating on the European and London marketplaces, a specialist in using insurance to mitigate climate change risks, and an environmental insurance expert with experience converting polluted lands into viable development projects. For all of them, it’s a rewarding job with extra importance these days.


“The market is evolving on a daily and weekly basis,” says James Alexander, environmental practice leader at Lockton Companies and a Top Environmental Broker. “It’s a great place to work, and the relevance of environmental security to corporate and society entities has never been more important.”


“The environmental liability market is broad in responsibilities and specialist in nature,” says Emilie Walsh, partner in McGill and Partners.


“Although I haven’t been able to save the environment by strapping myself to a tree, I considered that enabling access to specialist technical expertise in the event of a pollution incident and limiting damage to our precious environment is a good alternative. I feel privileged to be part of a team that’s fully dedicated to providing clients with real environmental broking expertise.”


5-Star Excellence Awards


IBUK went above and beyond for this report and determined the UK’s top environmental brokers based on a peer-recommendation basis. First, the IBUK research team contacted environmental insurance brokers in the country. Then, the team asked them which insurers they use, which brokers they recommend and who is the most knowledgeable broker. Based on these conversations, the winners were determined based on their expertise in environmental insurance, years in the industry and knowledge of environmental risks.

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