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ARAG : Everything you need to know

ARAG: Everything you need to know

Headquarters address

ARAG Platz 1 Düsseldorf, 40472 Germany
Gross premium income €2.02 billion (2021)

Size (employees)

Global locations Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US
Underwriting expertise Legal, composite, and health insurance
Key people Tony Buss, UK managing director

About ARAG

ARAG is one of the largest family-owned insurance companies in Germany and one of the leading providers of legal insurance and legal services around the world. Now active in 19 countries, the company is also represented by international branches, subsidiaries, and shareholdings in several global markets.

ARAG offers before-the-event (BTE) and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurance (LEI) for insurers, solicitors, and brokers. Its BTE products provide cover for families, landlords, motorists, and businesses with a variety of assistance products such as home emergency, landlord emergency, and motor breakdown.

Meanwhile, the company’s ATE products offer a legal cover solution for customers facing the risks of taking legal action following a personal injury as well as specialist cover for legal disputes for customers facing the threats of legal action following a non-injury related claim such as relating to professional negligence or wills.

History of ARAG

Publisher and attorney Heinrich Faßbender founded ARAG in 1935 to help people assert their rights, regardless of financial standing. The company, which has remained in family hands since its launch, has evolved throughout the years from a national niche provider to a global quality insurer.

In 2006, a team of market professionals with a combined legal expenses industry experience of more than 100 years founded ARAG plc in the UK to offer innovative products combined with excellent service delivery in both the BTE and ATE legal expenses markets in the UK.

In 2019, ARAG extended its services to Australia and Ireland, with ARAG Services Australia Pty Ltd operating in Sydney and ARAG Legal Protection Limited in Dublin.

Leadership at ARAG

Tony Buss – UK Managing Director

Buss has been with ARAG since its UK launch in 2006. He started his career as a liability insurance underwriter at Legal & General, where he spent a decade working in London before returning to Bristol in 1987 to pursue a career in LEI.

Culture at ARAG

As a family-owned company that supports equal opportunities, ARAG focuses on helping people make the best of their opportunities. It resolves conflicts in schools to promote peace locally and improve the school environment; supports mediation and the cost of mediation training; and supports the work of Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung, a non-profit that focuses on digital education.

To take care of its people, the company provides a family-friendly workplace through child-care services, flexible working schedules and nursing care for family members. Through its active diversity management program, it aims to offer its employees the same opportunities for professional development.

Aside from helping children and their people, ARAG also addresses cyber bullying by actively providing tips for prevention. To make a sustainable contribution to the prevention of cyber bullying, the company has also backed three studies revolving around cyber bullying and its effects.

ARAG also promotes outstanding sports performance by sponsoring talents – from the young participants in the “Mini Championships” hosted by the Deutscher Tischtennisbund to the record-holding championship team of Borussia Düsseldorf.


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