Accountants worst drivers in the UK, says auto insurer

Road safety study shows white-collar workers more likely to figure in car accidents

Accountants worst drivers in the UK, says auto insurer

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By Gabriel Olano

Accountants are apparently the worst drivers in Britain, according to auto insurer 1st Central.  Meanwhile, roofers are likely to be the safest. 
Despite white-collar workers perceived as being safer on the road, a study conducted by the insurer on more than one million auto insurance policies seems to disagree. Accountants figured in 16,000 car accident claims in 2015, while roofers only filed just 3,850. It’s not just a function of proportion, as data from 1st Central showed that roofers’ claims frequency is just 9%, making them four times less likely than an accountant to be involved in an auto accident.
Next to accountants, solicitors, doctors, and financial advisors are the professions considered to be the worst drivers. Meanwhile, after roofers, farm workers, builders, and lorry drivers are thought to be the best.
According to 1st Central co-founder Pete Creed, “Our data dispels a number of these myths, but it’s interesting to see that a number of professions we trust with our safety are actually the worst on the road.”
Britain’s top ten worst drivers by profession:
  1. Accountant
  2. Solicitor
  3. Doctor
  4. Financial advisor
  5. Letting agent
  6. Airline cabin crew
  7. Bank manager
  8. IT manager
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Train driver
Britain’s top ten best drivers by profession:
  1. Roofer
  2. Farm worker
  3. Builder
  4. Lorry driver
  5. Cleaner
  6. Carpet fitter
  7. Factory worker
  8. Mechanic
  9. Butcher
  10. Painter and decorator

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