Aware but don’t care: Policyholders commit insurance-voiding offences

Study shows percentage of UK insureds who aren’t minding the risk

Aware but don’t care: Policyholders commit insurance-voiding offences

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By Terry Gangcuangco

It’s one thing to not know that your actions are potentially invalidating your car or home insurance; it’s another to be aware but you go ahead anyway. MoneySuperMarket data points to the latter being the case for over half of policyholders in the UK.    

Violations range from switching jobs – to possibly a riskier one – without notifying motor insurers, to not locking doors when leaving the house. Here are some of the common offences, according to the price comparison website:


  • 31% let other people drive their vehicle even with 50% aware of the policy violation.
  • 17% drive with an unrestrained pet on the seat; 36% know about the offence.
  • 13% change jobs and do not inform their provider; 46% are aware.


  • 34% leave windows open when going out; 56% are aware.
  • 21% leave doors unlocked; 67% are aware.
  • 17% fail to turn on the burglar alarm; 47% are aware.

“There are lots of ways that Brits can accidentally find themselves in a position where they’re flouting the rules of their insurance policy,” said MoneySuperMarket editor-in-chief Tom Flack. “Yet surprisingly, our latest research reveals that many are actually aware of the risks but are still willing to gamble.

“What may seem like a trivial action, such as not informing your insurer when you change jobs, may result in your insurance being voided, meaning that if something goes wrong, your claim won’t be paid. This could leave people with a huge potential loss if their house is burgled or they are in a car accident.”


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