Consumers are taking direct route for insurance quotes

They're skipping comparison sites, so are brokers being snubbed too?

Consumers are taking direct route for insurance quotes

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By Terry Gangcuangco

New research shows consumers are taking the direct route to get covered, obtaining more quotes from motor insurance providers themselves. 

According to insurance marketing specialists QuickPages, car insurance customers who don’t use price comparison websites sourced an average of 3.6 quotes from insurers in 2017. Compared to the previous year, the number improved by 33% from 2016’s average of 2.7 quotes sourced per customer before making a policy purchase decision.

“With influencers such as Martin Lewis advising consumers not to rely on price comparison sites, we are seeing a growing trend in people going direct to insurers for quotes,” noted QuickPages commercial director Sharon Mawson. “Moreover, with the media reporting that insurance premiums have risen by 20% customers are becoming increasingly price-conscious and wary over the level of protection they receive for their money.

“As a result customers are sourcing more quotes in a bid to reassure themselves that they have done their research and found the best deal.”

It was found that 76% believe getting a good price or the right level of coverage are the most important factors when renewing policies – with going direct to providers perceived as giving consumers more control over those factors.

Mawson added: “The study suggests that this trend is set to continue, so for insurers 2018 means that brand awareness and the provision of direct communication channels is crucial in order to stand the best chance of converting the growing breed of direct-to-insurer customers.”

QuickPages’ research looked at comparison websites versus insurance providers; it was not clear whether brokers are being skipped over to the same extent.

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