Growing environmental concerns lead to major change in driving habits – The Green Insurer

More drivers reporting a reduction in their monthly mileage

Growing environmental concerns lead to major change in driving habits – The Green Insurer

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By Kenneth Araullo

Recent research conducted by The Green Insurer reveals a significant shift in driving behaviours among UK motorists as in the past year, a notable 50% of drivers surveyed reported a reduction in their monthly mileage, with 22% indicating a substantial decrease.

Conversely, only 8% experienced an increase in their average monthly travel distance, with the study also identifying various other adjustments made by drivers to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. These changes include adopting slower driving speeds (24%), utilising cruise control features (12%), carpooling (9%), using speed limiters (7%), and transitioning to hybrid vehicles (6%).

Key findings from the survey underscore the influence of environmental concerns and the rising cost of living on these behavioural shifts. A significant 61% of respondents altered their driving habits to benefit the environment, with half of the participants viewing these changes as part of a broader move towards eco-conscious living.

Additionally, 48% aimed to lower carbon emissions and pollution, while 40% cited improved fitness through increased walking or cycling as a motive. A small percentage (7%) mentioned pressure from their children to adopt greener practices.

The data further indicates a growing awareness among drivers about the environmental impact of their vehicle use, with more than half (53%) acknowledging a heightened understanding compared to the previous year. This awareness is influencing decisions on travel modes, with a shift towards public transport for trips to urban centres noted among respondents.

The longevity of these environmentally friendly driving practices appears promising, as 76% of those surveyed view the changes as permanent adaptations to their lifestyle. Only a small fraction (8%) considered their modifications to be temporary.

Paul Baxter, CEO of The Green Insurer, commented on the findings, highlighting the evolving attitudes towards environmental sustainability and their reflection in driving habits.

“These adjustments not only reflect a desire by people to reduce their individual environmental impact but also signify a broader cultural change as people look to prioritise eco-friendly practices into their lifestyle and purchasing choices,” Baxter said.

Earlier this month, another study from The Green Insurer also showed that the uptake of telematics insurance among UK drivers is seeing a notable increase, as a significant portion of motorists view it as a strategic avenue to secure discounts on their car insurance premiums.

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