Revealed – which job titles face the highest car insurance costs

The highest averages £1,500

Revealed – which job titles face the highest car insurance costs

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Car insurance premiums often rise based on professions – and now an article by GB News has highlighted which job titles cost the most.

Jobs and rising insurance costs

Tradespeople will be seeing a 57% surge in their insurance costs as data suggests that the current average price of £474.14 will rise to £744.02. Mechanics are set to see insurance premiums worth an average of £728.26, a 61% increase from £453 last year, the report suggested.

Graphic designers, meanwhile, will see the biggest increase in car insurance with an average 66% increase. This will bring their average premiums to £711. Despite a 22% increase, human resources managers will have the lowest insurance costs overall, as they will only be paying an average of £530 in premiums.

“Stepping back and examining the anticipated insurance premium increases on an individual job basis reveals that, on the whole, the United Kingdom will experience a substantial 42% spike in insurance costs in 2024 compared to the previous year,” explained a spokesperson for Vanarama, a personal and commercial vehicle leasing company.

“When we shift our attention to the sector level, prices exhibit a slightly smaller but still significant increase of 41% from the preceding year. The average cost of UK car insurance in 2024 is now £613.91 per year – an 81% increase on 2020’s figure, £339.16,” the spokesperson added.

Drivers with electric vehicles have also been impacted by higher prices as data found that 96 different occupations will be required to pay more than £1,000 to cover their cars.

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