The Green Insurer officially launches, takes aim at carbon footprint reduction

It launches the first UK policy to offer carbon offsetting for all driving

The Green Insurer officially launches, takes aim at carbon footprint reduction

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By Kenneth Araullo

The UK has welcomed its first environmentally-focused car insurance broker, The Green Insurer, aimed at assisting drivers in reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly driving habits. The Green Insurer offers car insurance policies accessible directly from its website and through prominent price comparison platforms.

Recent research indicates a growing consciousness among motorists about the environmental impact of driving. A survey found that 53% of drivers are more aware of their environmental impact than a year ago, and 69% more so than three years ago. Approximately 28% plan to reduce their driving miles in the next year. Environmental concerns and cost-of-living considerations are leading 61% and 76% of drivers, respectively, to cut back on their mileage.

In response to rising insurance premiums, The Green Insurer is negotiating special deals with insurers to reduce costs for drivers. The company has introduced its Leaves scheme, offering rewards averaging £20 annually for eco-friendly driving, and up to 6% discounts on weekly supermarket shopping through various partnerships. The firm anticipates competitive rates, especially for low-mileage drivers.

The Green Insurer utilises a mobile app to track driving habits. This app calculates customers' Green Driving Scores, influencing their renewal premiums and enabling discounts. Eco-conscious driving is also portrayed as a means to reduce fuel costs and enhance safety.

Recent analysis from Consumer Intelligence reveals a significant increase in average car insurance premiums, rising by 66.5% in the year to October 31 and 79.1% over the past five years.

The Green Insurer has partnered with major supermarkets, retailers like Boots, Currys PC World, B&Q, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, WH Smith, restaurant chains including Pizza Express, and transport groups such as Eurostar and National Express. These partners are joined by environmentally conscious companies aligning with The Green Insurer's ethos.

To offset driving emissions, The Green Insurer invests in various carbon offset projects, evaluated for their carbon reduction effectiveness and social impact. Customers can track the amount of carbon offset for their driving and the total offset by all customers via The Green Insurer's app.

“We are giving customers the option to easily buy genuinely green car insurance, which is the first in the UK to offset all carbon emissions while also helping drivers to cut the costs of driving and insurance. Driving habits are changing across the UK, and we are reflecting that in the way we have designed our insurance policies to reward people for how they have changed. Customers need to be confident that the policies they buy are actually helping the environment so they can make an informed decision,” The Green Insurer CEO Paul Baxter said.

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