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Anger at One Call Insurance over sexism controversy

Anger at One Call Insurance over sexism controversy

Anger at One Call Insurance over sexism controversy An insurance firm has been slammed for its use of glamour girls in its role as sponsor for football club Mansfield Town.

According to a report in the Doncaster Free Press, One Call Insurance, the main sponsors for Mansfield Town and Doncaster Rovers, use glamour girls in skin-tight outfits to mingle with fans at the clubs’ games and hand out promotional vouchers as well as free beer to supporters.

Now, League Two club Mansfield Town has been forced to defend itself against allegations of sexism because the girls are labelled “The One Call Girls” – which, it has been suggested, makes the workers “sound like prostitutes”.

The issue has prompted fury on social media with Twitter users expressing their anger at the promotion.
Among the comments were:

“The One Call Girls? As in call girls, as in prostitutes? Christ.” Thom Airs

“One Call Girls? Stay classy Mansfield.” Matthew Gooding

“@mansfieldtownfc ‘well dress them in something low and tight and nobody will link it to prostitution at all’.”

“@mansfieldtownfc that is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Unbelievable!” Rosie.

In response to the Nottingham Post, Mansfield Town issued the following statement.

“Sexism, in any shape or form, is not tolerated at Mansfield Town Football Club. Sexism and sexist abuse should be tackled as rigorously as any other forms of abuse,” it said.

“Our chief executive officer (Carolyn Radford) has spoken in the local, regional and national media on a number of occasions, promoting anti-sexism in football, re-iterating our message that sexism is not tolerated in any shape or form. She is widely seen as a pioneer on this front.”

They pointed out that the name One Call Girls comes from the sponsor – One Call Insurance – and not the football club.

Insurance Business UK reached out to One Call Insurance for comment but did not receive a response.

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Photo Credit: Mansfield Town FC Twitter Feed
  • Dad of a One Call Girl 03/09/2016 11:05:32
    My daughter works for One Call Insurance (mainly car insurance) in there office in Doncaster and she is also one of the One Call Girls in her spare time.
    The girls are used for all types of promo works around the UK associated with the company, mainly within motor sport sectors such as Truck, Car and Bike racing at circuits such as Donington Park.
    The outfits that the girls use are commonly used World Wide within the motor sport industry and as an avid motor sport fan and proud father I think the One Call Girls do a great promo job for the company and I am happy for my daughter to carry on doing the promo work for One Call Insurance or any other company who she wishes to work for now or in the future.
    With the reference that 'Critics have claimed the "call girl" reference effectively compares them to prostitutes' I find quite offensive and is the short sightedness of individuals who have only associated the girls with a football match, which they also sponsor.
    Dad of a One Call Girl.
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