Arron Banks sets sights on “corrupt MPs”

Political donor plans to “drain the swamp” as he sets sights on political change

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By Paul Lucas

Regardless of whether you agree with the political stance of insurance tycoon Arron Banks or not, there is no doubt he’s willing to put his money where his beliefs are.

The famous UKIP donor, who joined Nigel Farage in his meeting with new President-elect Donald Trump at the weekend, was a long campaigner for the Brexit vote – and now he wants a new movement to emerge.

In The Times it was revealed that Banks believes there is significant anti-establishment feeling across the country – and that he plans on utilising this to bankroll 200 Commons candidates to “drain the swamp” of the “200 worst, most corrupt MPs”.

Speaking to the publication, the billionaire revealed plans to support candidates on a broad platform in an effort to reform the Westminster system.

His first target, it is reported, is Keith Vaz – with calls for the Labour grandee to leave following police investigations.

“You would rate MPs by (undesirability) with Keith Vaz at No 1, and field a great candidate, a military guy, doctor, someone who has done something with their life,” he commented to The Times. “It would be a one-off attempt to drain the swamp. It would be highly amusing to tease career politicians with a hot poker.

“It’s a very simple agenda: to destroy the professional politician. I like the idea of clearing the place out, setting new rules, maybe reducing the number of MPs.”

Among the reforms Banks wants to see implemented are an abolition of the House of Lords, a minimum age limit of 40 and two term limits.
Banks has suggested he would be willing to fund the cause and that there are other donors who would be willing to act.

What do you think of Banks’s proposals? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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