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AXA helps reel in fraudster

AXA helps reel in fraudster

AXA helps reel in fraudster The fight back against fraud from major insurance companies continues as AXA helped police uncover one man’s attempts to pull off a crash fraud scheme.

Benjamin Ogborne, 36, of Bristol, has been found guilty on two counts of fraud by false representation at North Avon Magistrates Court and been given a 16-week suspended sentence and 100hrs of community service.

According to AXA’s Press release describing the case, Ogborne was involved in an accident while driving his uninsured pick-up truck in March. However, he later phoned the other driver and persuaded them to report that a different, fully insured, vehicle was involved in the accident instead.
A third party damage claim for £10,690 was submitted but after the incident aroused the suspicions of the Avon and Somerset police Ogborne admitted to the deception. After pleading guilty in court, as well as the suspended sentence and the community service, Ogborne was ordered to pay £600 in costs and had eight penalty points put on his licence.

Tom Wilson, Counter Fraud Manager at AXA Insurance said: “We are delighted that the court has taken this case seriously enough to punish this fraudster for his offences.

“Even when car insurance fraudsters are not part of organised cash for crash rings they should still be held fully uncountable for their actions.

“The police should be commended for their efforts in pursuing the offender in this case. With another court victory against fraud we are sending the strong message that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.”

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