Claims that “Clarkson” style altercation with insurance boss led to firing

Former insurance boss’s legal team claims overwork and strain gave rise to incident that could be at centre of potential multimillion-pound employment claim

Claims that “Clarkson” style altercation with insurance boss led to firing

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By Terry Gangcuangco

The AA saga continues to unfold, a month after that shock sacking that sent shares tumbling.

Last week word went out as to what supposedly caused the insurer / roadside assistance firm to let go of executive chairman and director Bob Mackenzie – a fight with head of insurance Michael Lloyd was likened to a “Jeremy Clarkson confrontation”.

Now a report by The Times has provided further details as to what could have led to that turning point. Citing a letter from Mackenzie’s lawyer, the report said it all boiled down to a broken promise.   

In the letter, Ian Rosenblatt claimed that Mackenzie was promised an eased workload but instead was working 60-hour workweeks prior to the incident. Rosenblatt said Mackenzie – who is in his mid-60s, is diabetic, and has poor hearing – ended up suffering not only from stress but from depression and anxiety as well.
This would be consistent with what Mackenzie’s son previously said about his father’s wellbeing. “An extremely distressing mental health issue,” was how the younger Mackenzie put it.

It remains to be seen whether a wrongful dismissal claim could be filed against AA.

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