Criticism of insurance cold-calling from grieving father

Anger as calls keep on coming for crash victim who died two years ago

Criticism of insurance cold-calling from grieving father

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By Paul Lucas

As an insurance professional, what do you think of cold calling? Is it a natural part of the business and way of bringing in new clients – or an archaic practise which consumers don’t want or appreciate?

The merits of cold calling have come under the spotlight once again thanks to a grieving father hitting out at insurance companies that provided him with frequent reminders of his son’s passing.

A report in the Gazette & Herald highlights Kevin Crick whose son Robert, 21, died in an A64 crash almost two years ago. However, he continued to get calls for months afterwards from insurance companies who he claimed even told him “they needed proof he had died” before they could take him off their records.

According to Crick, he contacted his insurer who insisted they had not given out his details. He commented that some of the companies calling were apologetic but others “don’t care”, stating “there’s no compassion and they are just reading from a board.”

“To be fair to some of them, they take my name off the system but others say they cannot remove the number because they don’t know he has passed away,” he told the publication.

While consumers can take steps to block cold calls, such as signing up to the Telephone Preference Service, we want to know what you think of the practice as professionals in the industry? Does this case highlight that cold calling should be a thing of the past? Or should insurers simply be more refined in their approach?

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