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Ex insurance agent cleared of murder

Ex insurance agent cleared of murder

Ex insurance agent cleared of murder Former insurance agent Ronald King has been cleared of murder, instead being charged for manslaughter after it was revealed he suffered from dementia, the Daily Mail has reported.

Insurance Business UK previously reported on the case of Ronald King, 81, who shot his wife Rita King, 81, with a Second World War Enfield service revolver at her care home in Essex. King stood trial for his wife’s murder, but has now pleaded guilty to manslaughter after doctors said it was likely he too is suffering from dementia.

King stated he shot his wife to end her suffering. He attempted to turn the gun on himself as well, but told hospital staff he was unable to pull the trigger.

An MRI scan taken on July 1 revealed brain degradation indicating King likely suffers from dementia and paraphrenia, which can result in paranoid delusions.

Consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Phillip Joseph told the court King’s condition lead to this tragic outcome.

“He clearly knew what he was doing at the time, he could exercise self-control and had a settled intention to carry out this killing,” Joseph told the court. “But the area of substantial impairment was his ability to form a rational judgment.”

The manager at the care home where the incident took place heavily criticised the Crown Prosecution Service for letting the case get this far.

“Ron’s case shouldn’t have come to trial, because the MRI scan should have been before this,” said Julie Curtis, who disarmed King after the incident. “His family shouldn’t have been dragged through this, Ron shouldn’t have and neither should my staff.”

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