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Five expensive and weirdest pet-related insurance claims

Five expensive and weirdest pet-related insurance claims | Insurance Business UK

Five expensive and weirdest pet-related insurance claims
If the stories of some insurance clients are to be believed, then prospective pet owners should brace for some very costly mess in their homes.
Saga Insurance recently analysed the animal-related home insurance claims that it handled from April 2015 to April 2016. The firm came up with a list of some weird incidents reported by customers that came with expensive price tags.
“We are a nation of pet lovers, but even the best behaved dog or cat can leave you with a big bill. Animal accidents in the home can cost thousands to put right,” said Saga communications director Paul Green.
“Accidental damage cover is essential for any pet owner to protect themselves against any pet mishaps.”
Here are some of the insurance claims received by Saga that involved animal antics or possibly, irresponsible pet owners.
Tortoises torching homes
One customer was relaxing at home when one of the rooms was suddenly on fire. After putting out the flames, she realised that her two tortoises had knocked over the heat lamp which started the blaze. The pets were unharmed but the damage repair cost over £6,000.

Destructive dog
A policyholder was watching over her daughter’s puppy when the neighbour’s cat strolled through the garden. The dog tried to scare the cat away and charged through the glass patio door, causing it to shatter. Repair bill: more than £2,000.
One customer returned home only to find all her favourite antique ceramic ornaments smashed on the floor. She later saw sitting amid the chaos her neighbour’s cat, which had knocked the items over. More than £500 was needed to replace the ornaments.

Painting paws
One policyholder was doing some house painting while his wife took their dog out for a walk. Later, the dog was carelessly let off and it ran straight through some wet paint. The dog left paw marks all over the house, and some carpets had to be replaced.

Hungry husky 
A customer took his hearing aids out and placed them on a coffee table. As he got up to make himself a cup of tea, his dog jumped up and swallowed the hearing aids, mistaking them for treats. Replacement cost: £2,000.

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