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Football injury league table revealed

Football injury league table revealed

Football injury league table revealed How much do Premier League football clubs fork out when their players are injured? A whopping £157.4 million, according to new research.

Broking group JLT has put together a football injury league table based on the 2015/2016 season and has warned clubs that their expenses could run even higher with massive TV deals leading to a rise in player wages.

“This fresh influx of money will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect for players when they negotiate their contracts,” says Duncan Fraser, head of sport, media and entertainment at JLT Specialty. “This is expected to increase the amount spent on injured players’ salaries, as the number of injuries per season continues to rise.”
So how did last season pan out?

According to the research, the average number of injuries per team stood at 35 last season – that’s a leap of 40% compared to the 2011/12 campaign. In total, there were 705 injuries to Premier League players.

Topping the unfortunate list was Newcastle United, ultimately relegated from the division – overall, the Magpies suffered 2,364 days of injuries collectively to their players. It was closely followed by perennial injury victims Arsenal at 1,553 days; and Liverpool who suffered a series of injuries upon Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at 1,516 days.

At the other end of the table, it is perhaps no surprise to see that the Premier League champions Leicester City were the least affected by injuries during the campaign – its players missed a combined total of just 192 days.

Here is that table in full:
- Newcastle United: 2,364 days.
- Arsenal: 1,553 days.
- Liverpool:  1,516 days.
- Manchester United: 1,354 days.
- Manchester City: 1,305 days.
- AFC Bournemouth:  1,269 days.
- Stoke City: 1,260 days.
- Everton: 1,224 days.
- West Ham United: 1,171 days.
- Aston Villa: 1,058 days.
- Tottenham Hotspur: 969 days.
- Southampton: 957 days.
- Chelsea: 858 days.
- Crystal Palace: 801 days.
- Sunderland: 731 days.
- Norwich City: 637 days.
- Watford: 626 days.
- West Bromwich Albion: 559 days.
- Swansea City: 307 days.
- Leicester City: 192 days.

What are your thoughts on your club’s injury record? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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