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Hiscox chief labels PM campaign “corrupt”

Hiscox chief labels PM campaign “corrupt”

Hiscox chief labels PM campaign “corrupt” One of the key names behind one of the most well-known insurance companies in the UK has hit out at Prime Minister David Cameron and his Government for what he has described as a “corrupt” campaign.

Robert Hiscox, the city grandee who previously chaired Hiscox Insurance for 43 years, told the Press Association that the Treasury has effectively been disseminating “illegal propaganda” with its ‘remain’ campaign ahead of the referendum on Britain’s position in the European Union.

“The part the Government has played in the debate is astonishing,” he told the Association.

“Their corrupt statements and illegal propaganda pouring out is something to behold, especially the Treasury document.”

Hiscox, who is still an honorary president at the insurance firm, commented that the City institutions that are backing Britain to remain in the European Union are part of an “elite” that are following their own interests.

He is quoted in The Daily Mail as telling the Press Association that: “I'm astonished when I meet people from Remain. I’ll never understand why they want, in a global race, to tie the UK to 27 other countries, some of which have no legs.
“Why do we want to have millions of rules delivered by an unelected tyrannical elite in Brussels?”

With the insurer having moved its operations to Bermuda back in 2002 for “tax and regulatory purposes”, Hiscox commented that it may consider moving back to the UK if Britain were to vote to leave the European Union.

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  • 06/09/2016 23:22:59
    Firstly RRSH I was sincerely devastated by leaving the EU. I was also amazed that you were pro brexit. In the early days of Hiscox the world was our oyster. The horribly insular view of the Brits and we are are the best is so far in the past. BUT the remainers have been over ruled so we need to make the very best of it -us pro remain, age circa 40/50 have no choice ....feeling for my children (get the red tape out).
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