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Insurance refusal leaves widowed Brit stranded

Insurance refusal leaves widowed Brit stranded

Insurance refusal leaves widowed Brit stranded An insurance refusal has left a British man stranded following the death of his wife while on holiday in Cuba.

Sheila Dumbleton, from Frankley, near Birmingham, was on a trip with her husband Raymond when she fell seriously ill. The 57-year-old died yesterday following several weeks in hospital.

During her time in hospital, Mrs Dumbleton’s medical bill surged to £20,000 – and now her daughter Erica McCleary has told The Birmingham Mail that she fears that Raymond and her mother’s body may not be able to be returned to the UK until the medical bill has been paid.

Speaking to the publication, she said: “We have always said we will not stop until my mum is back home with us, and this is what we will continue to do.

“We were not able to say goodbye to mum properly and now we need her back home with us, where she belongs.

“We are absolutely devastated and our fear now is that they will keep mum until we can pay the bill.”
The 57-year-old was rushed to a hospital on the island and needed an emergency operation for internal bleeding in her stomach. She then proceeded to catch pneumonia and took a further downward turn when she suffered a stroke and bleeding on the brain.

A spokesman for White Horse Insurance Ireland, with whom the couple has insurance, is reported by the publication to have said that some pre-existing conditions were not declared.

 “We were very sorry to hear of Mrs Dumbleton’s circumstances,” the spokesman said.

“Regrettably, as Mrs Dumbleton’s medical history was not disclosed, her claim was not covered by her insurance policy.

“We would like to stress to all holidaymakers how important it is to fully declare any pre-existing medical conditions or ongoing medical investigations when buying travel insurance.”