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Insurers set targets for gender balance in the industry

Insurers set targets for gender balance in the industry | Insurance Business

Insurers set targets for gender balance in the industry
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has laid out its objectives for attaining gender balance and diversity in the insurance industry.
The ABI, which has signed up to the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, aims to achieve at least a 45/55 female-to-male gender split across management positions in the industry by June 30, 2019.
“The ABI recognises that improving the sector’s diversity and inclusion is vital to its future success,” the industry group said in a statement.
“The 45/55 target we have set to be achieved by 2019 underlines our commitment to a healthy gender balance among our management team.”
To meet its goal, the industry body also seeks to maintain a rate of internal promotion into management positions that is over 50%.
The association will also request a 50/50 gender diversity split in long lists provided by recruitment agencies during management recruitment processes.
“Having a balanced pool of candidates when recruiting sets the right tone from the start and ensures fairness in opportunity across gender,” the ABI said.
Equal opportunities for training and development will be provided to both male and female staff members of insurance companies, the industry body assured.
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