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John Darwin’s wife pokes fun at UK benefits culture

John Darwin’s wife pokes fun at UK benefits culture

John Darwin’s wife pokes fun at UK benefits culture You might think that infamous canoe fraudster John Darwin would do anything for a quiet life after becoming famous for faking his own death. However, it seems his new wife has other ideas.

Mercy May, 43, Darwin’s Filipino wife, posted a photo of herself on her Google Plus account sharing a photo in which she was holding up a fake British passport and commented that she “can’t wait” to move to the UK – mockingly describing it as the home of “free benefits, housing, school and doctors”.

Darwin, 66, hit the headlines when he and his then wife Anne faked his death in a supposed canoe accident in order to receive a life insurance payout – even going so far as to inform their sons that John had died.

The duo then fled to Panama to start a new life, only to have to return to the UK when visa laws in the country changed. Darwin then claimed to have suffered amnesia but was ultimately handed a six year and three month prison sentence in 2008.

Now, he enjoys a new life in the Philippines with mum-of-three May who jokingly posted the following on Google Plus, as reported in the Daily Star Sunday: “Yes! Got it! Who said I was banned! UK, land of the free, free benefits, housing, school and doctors, can’t wait to move with all the family lol.”

In reality, should she and Darwin remain married for four years then she will be permitted to apply for a British passport and her children will also eventually be eligible to join her in the UK.

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