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Keycare claims handling switch boosts charity efforts

Keycare claims handling switch boosts charity efforts

Keycare claims handling switch boosts charity efforts One company is bucking a national trend as it remains on track for a record level of charitable donations during 2016 – largely thanks to a change in its claims handling process.

Keycare has given a total of £45,720 to charity since 2008 with 2015 seeing a record donation of £13,990 in just one year and donations in 2016 set to beat that record again.  Average monthly donations have risen dramatically by 114% in the eight years since Keycare’s records began in 2008.
The company puts the increase down to a change it made to its claims handling call centre script which resulted in the dramatic increase in rewards being donated to charity. In 2014 callers chose to donate £5,330 of the annual rewards recorded to charity and by the end of 2015 this figure had risen to £13,990.

“Claims made for lost or stolen keys have risen over the years as our volumes have increased and the business has grown, but this still does not account for the significant rise in charitable donations since 2015 which is when we took the decision to change the script in our claims call centre,” said David Robertson, chief executive of Keycare. “It seems likely that this is the reason for the dramatic rise. 

“Back in 2008 the finders calling in to report a set of keys would be offered their £10 reward cheque and would often suggest that their reward be given to charity, which we have always been happy to do, but in 2015 we simply wrote this option into our script for the claims handlers to suggest proactively and this has resulted in an increase to donations.”

The rise in charitable donations bucks the national trend which, according to the Charities Aid Foundation, saw a surprising decrease in donations made across the UK to all charities from £10.6bn in 2014 to £9.6bn in 2015.

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