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One of the UK’s most prolific motor fraudsters jailed

One of the UK’s most prolific motor fraudsters jailed

One of the UK’s most prolific motor fraudsters jailed One of the most prolific fraudsters in the UK has received a two year prison sentence at Preston Crown Court following a string of offences.

According to a report by Fleet News, Naveed Shah stole several hire cars, with their total value surpassing £200,000, during a nine-month period before he was eventually caught out by an antifraud specialist.

In addition, the Lancashire conman took out several fake car insurance policies, stole identities and posed as a care assistant who had been a real victim of several car crashes.

Shah’s complex crimes saw him use false identity details to make car hire booking with claims firms only to change the delivery location at the last minute and ask for cars to be handed over in the north of England, usually at medical facilities at which he claimed he was either working or visiting ill relatives.

Eventually Shah was caught out by a sting operation carried out by APU as he attempted to hire another car, this time from Accident Exchange, an accident management firm.

Speaking in court, Justice HH Turner said: “This was a sophisticated criminal enterprise which duped insurers and stole cars with a view to moving them on for profit.

“Fraud is a prevalent crime which has a large impact on the motoring public. Shah played a significant role in this.”

Crashes were fabricated across several regions of England with more than £200k worth of cars disappearing without trace.

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