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Policeman in £100k insurance fraud

Policeman in £100k insurance fraud

Policeman in £100k insurance fraud The boys in blue are meant to come to our rescue – but unfortunately it appears there is the odd crooked cop in their midst.

Such is the case with former police inspector David Brown, from Glasgow, who moonlighted as a financial advisor and managed to swindle his way to a six-figure insurance scam.

According to a report by Glasgow Live, Brown established fake accounts using investors’ names while he worked as a financial advisor and simultaneously enjoyed a £50,000 a year salary as an inspector for the British Transport Police.

The report states that the 46-year-old applied for bogus insurance policies and stole the commission that was paid out by Legal and General. He even took out policies in the names of both his brother, another police officer, and his mother-in-law.

After investigations it was discovered that 90% of the policies he had sold were lapsed, disappeared or cancelled. This led to his dismissal in 2011 following a probe by colleagues within the police force.

In total, the force dug out 52 policies with Brown admitting to fraudulently picking up £92,365.97 in commission as well as £9,590.58 in the form of Scottish Police Credit Union loans. He is set to be sentenced next month.

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