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Sedgwick launches new resource solutions for the UK market

Sedgwick launches new resource solutions for the UK market | Insurance Business UK

Sedgwick launches new resource solutions for the UK market

Risk, benefits, and integrated business solutions provider Sedgwick has launched a new resource solutions business unit for its insurer clients in the UK.

According to a company release, the new unit will draw on Sedgwick’s experience and technical expertise to help clients with both temporary and permanent placements across claims-handling divisions.

The solution was initially developed at the end of the first quarter of 2022, in response to demand from clients needing immediate short to medium term support for processing claims and responding to customers. The new unit can place Sedgwick’s experts temporarily with clients and has a recruitment agency service for more permanent placements. Since its inception earlier this year, the team has also grown from nine to 24 members.

Sedgwick has stated that it is currently the only claims management company offering this kind of service within the insurance sector.

“Our resources team can provide both temporary and permanent solutions for our clients,” said Sedgwick head of UK resource solutions Adam Baylis. “With regard to permanent solutions, our excellence in claims management has prepared us well to handle the hiring of claims, loss adjusting and other specialty resources. This gives us a distinct, strategic advantage over general staffing agencies.

Baylis added that the key advantage for firms that need temporary solutions “is in the risk mitigation.”

“We cover colleague employment costs meaning clients can turn the tap on and off as dictated by the demands of their business,” the unit head said. “Our secondees are highly motivated by the varied client portfolios they enjoy, and the expansive knowledge this experience affords them serves to protect and enhance our clients’ reputations.”

“The timing is now right to firmly establish Sedgwick’s resource solutions,” said Sedgwick UK CEO Paul White. “As the claims environment evolves and client demand in this field grows, we needed a long-term approach to maximise this opportunity. It’s part of our growth and diversification strategy to protect colleagues and businesses — now and in the future.”

In recent news, Sedgwick announced that it had acquired full ownership of Sedgwick Leif Hansen A/S in Denmark. Prior to the acquisition, Sedgwick was a minority shareholder in the company.